• Mokule'ia Writers Retreat
  • Mokule'ia Writers Retreat
  • Mokule'ia Writers Retreat
  • Mokule'ia Writers Retreat

Don Wallace
Being at the Mokulē‘ia Writers Retreat was like tiptoeing back into the river after years in the desert.
— Honolulu journalist and author

Carrie Breinholt
One of things that made the retreat so great was the openness and acceptance I felt by the instructors, the other writers and the local community that joined us. The retreat provided a nurturing experience for me and my creativity.
— San Francisco writer

Laura Fraser
What inspiration and sharing of “aloha!” It was a rich cultural experience — I feel as if I know so much more about Hawai‘i, on so many levels. Beautiful, from the welcoming leis to the last swim at that gorgeous beach. Thank you to all the staff at the camp for far surpassing my expectations at such a rustic retreat (wild pulled pork!).
— San Francisco author and retreat instructor

Joan Satriani
I have to tell you, this adventure changed me. I smile every day remembering the sound of the sea and the sheer pleasure of being alive. Mokulē‘ia magic. I hold it all in delight: the conversations, the filled-with-wonder writers, the staff, the night sky, and the amazing fortitude and grace with which you, Connie, carried off the retreat.
— San Francisco artist

More feedback

Q: What was your favorite part of the week?

A: 1. Every workshop session with Larry Habegger. 2. The tacos for supper one night. 3. Swimming in that lovely water. 4. Meeting so many talented writers. 5. Seeing people from last year and reconnecting. (Joanna Bressler)

A: Watching a sea turtle take a nap on the beach. And swimming in Waimea Falls. (Laura McClure)

A: I loved Sam ‘Ohu Gon’s presentation and the intermingling with the local community. It helped me see Hawai‘i in a very different, interpersonal way. (Carrie Breinholt)

A: The friendliness of fellow retreaters, the kind staff, the delicious, fresh food, and the absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous place. I fantasized moving there to live for a very longish time! Just fall out of bed in the a.m. right into the ocean – what could be better?! (Claudia MacLeod)

A: I’ll never forget the aha! moment I had with Darien Gee. Her advice and comments were straightforward, no nonsense, and she didn’t waste time or energy being diplomatic. She didn’t talk down to us. But when she said, and then emphasized, “Just finish it,” I realized what I needed to do with my nearly completed memoir. (Carol Beddo)

A: The chant before entering the chapel for the presentation. But I also have another favorite moment, which was an epiphany about exposition that I had in Steven Goldberry’s workshop. I hope it sticks. (Nancy Dickeman)

A: The last day, hearing everyone read. (Chris Parsons)

Mokule`ia Writers Retreat, May 3–8, 2015