Hui Pū
Camp Mokule’ia Summer Camp

CM_Hui_Pu_Logo_150x138Hui Pu meaning to come together and/or unite, is our annual faith-based summer camp. Our mission is to provide a safe space for fun faith-filled fellowship. There are many reasons why you should join us this summer but here are a few.

Through Hui Pu, we hope to:

  • Disconnect campers from WiFi, with the hope and promise that they will connect to something GREATER.
  • Remind campers to view themselves through the eyes of their creator…A MASTERPIECE!
  • Building faith through FUN FELLOWSHIP, and much, much more.

For our parents reading this, we have 2 words “Controlled Independence!” Campers can learn a little independence while having plenty of adult supervision.

The Hawaiian proverb “‘A‘ohe pau ka ‘ike i ka hālau ho‘okahi.” translates that not all knowledge is learnt from one place. We hope that campers will learn to experience God in a whole new way. This will be a week full of new experiences, re-kindled friendships and most importantly praise & worship for unconditional love!

Camp Date Early Registration
Feb 1 – Apr 30
Late Registration
May 1 – June 20
(Ages 9 – 12)
June 24-27 $300 $350
(Ages 13 – 14)
June 24-28 $350 $400
(Ages 15 – 18)
June 24-29 $400 $450

Hui Pu has 3 age group camps. The 3 camps OHA, LOKAHI & OPIO will camp simultaneously, each camp running its own activities while also worshipping, dinning and playing together.

For more information visit our registration site, call (808-637-6241) or email Seini Lino, our Programs Facilitator.