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Swimming: Gentle Kaiahulu Bay, which fronts Camp Mokule`ia, is the perfect place to float, swim, splash and rejoice in the Pacific splendor...
Snorkeling: The friendly, gliding honu...
Kayaking: Paddle the shoreline, drift with a following sea, and embrace this island from beyond the water's edge in our easy-to-use kayaks. (Note: Must hire ocean lifeguard to use kayaks. Fees apply for the lifeguard and kayak rental.)
Beachcombing: Walk barefoot and uninterrupted, experiencing anew the day's shifting hues, the teeming reefs pleasant call, and the soft sand's embrace.
Surfing: Need a little more excitement? Experienced surfers can paddle out, drop in, and pull into a fine Mokule`ia tube!
Boogie Boarding: And keikis can play in the gentler shorebreak all day long.
Fishing: Ulua, weke, oio and more await the shore fisherman who enjoy this favorite family pastime. Nearby charter boats are also available.
Kiteboarding: Take part in – or just watch – the blinding speed and dizzling acrobatics riders enjoy when a strong tradewind blows!